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I am on 3DX chat now... WHo is onlline or plays ?

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Dear friends!
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omg i used to play this game, but i stopped because there is no voip on the platform. I can always come back though, do you all have your own version of 3dx chat?

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Some information of developer about last changes.
We kept you waiting with the update for a long time, but I think it's not in vain. We tried to prepare updates as much as possible without errors !!!!
Server core updated, version 3.0 changed !!!!
Added new sex positions FF, MF, MM, FFF!
The display of the piercing has been completely fixed, things in the wardrobe have been fixed as much as possible !!!
• Added: new prints and tights.
• New bot .
• Some bugs have been removed from the interface.
The server has been upgraded to a new version, the old server has been changed. With it, the update method has been changed in order for the updates to work.
You need to go to the site http://3dxunion.ru/en/ and download the game from google disk again and you, I repeat, connect to the new server !
Photo slots 15 pieces !
If you have no final download, this is due to the change of F7 files then F7.

Best regards
-Vazgen Barsehgyan –
Founder of the UNION