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Not So Naughty store is splitted in two parts. One is for BDSM items.
I have changed the store logo for this, so that the BDSM part is easily identifiable.

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New fully playable BDSM themed chessboard available at the store (BDSM building next to the classic one).
• Fully functional (with castle and promotion)
• Based on Satyr Aeon original script
• Plays smoothly
• Kinky sounds

Advanced users can modify things (read Help notecard)

Taxi : hop://

#bdsm #game

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It's time to make yourself and people around you hotter.
Be their sexy Madam Christmas, and let them strip you!

This new outfit is part of the {Undress Me} sets, and comes with a lovely fur band top and a high waist skirt, both separately strippable.
It also contains lovely fur boots to not get a cold from feet!

All made with love and fully material enabled to play with lights.

Come get your copy and enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!

Direct taxi to Not so Naughty store:

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Your next sexy outfit for Christmas with {Undress Me} engine.
Soon at Not so Naughty store.

Because we all like to be on the bad girls list

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Not So Naughty was Sanctual Heart store.
I (Typhaine Artez) have taken it over with her consent.

Actually, I am the author of the {Undress Me} engine, that she asked me to develop for her.
The engine has a lot of success, and some have copied the engine without giving the credit, but it's clearly my code.

The store can be access on PARADOX at Sacrarium

Have a good naughty time in OpenSim ♥
Typhaine Artez