1 year "soul, living with friends"
1 year "soul, living with friends" May 15

1 year "soul, living with friends"

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From 05.15. till 05.16.2021 we celebrate
1 year " soul, living with friends "
This is our program :
Saturday at 11 PST we bring the amazing Janice Mills over to have her first concert in Opensim.
Janice MIlls is a well known singer in RL and Sl
After this Concert Djane Nasti is playing the hottest rhythms of the last decades.
Sunday, 10 PST we are having a special event with the ballet " Swan sea "
After this event we finish the birthday celebrations with a Party with Djane Nimile.
Soul ist the grid where we are living with friends and partying with them
05-15-21 - 11:00 Start date
05-16-21 - 11:00 End date
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