I own the French Virtual Dream GRID GRID (http://virtualdream-grid.com/), I spent two months on vacation from the beginning of July to the end of August, it was my co-administrators who managed the grid in my absence. I learned when I got back from vacation that my entire grid had been banned by gridfoundation. After taking information, it would be due to a couple of Brazilians from my grid who allegedly did something stupid in an area of ​​their house. This couple has since been severely punished because I took their neighborhood away from them, although they say they did nothing wrong. What I do not understand is that they have banned my entire grid, since my return I have tried to contact the owner of this grid (gridfoundation), but impossible. I wonder if it 's This is due to the fact that we are a medium-sized and French-speaking grid moreover and if the situation had been different if it had been the same case with a larger grid or especially better known on the metaverse. It seems that no one knows who owns this grid. Can you help me get in touch with this person?