BoM Channels for Femme project

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Bake on Mesh (BoM) is that new way to reuse system skins, tattoo, eyes and so on directly on rigged mesh avatars, according they are able to use it. Moreover, it permits 60 layers of the same wearable (like 60 tattoos).

The Femme project of course jumps on the occasion to give users more possibilities in an easier way.


Since the beginning, SL and OpenSim have a few system "channels":

  • Head (face)
  • Hair (hairbase)
  • Eyes (eye)
  • Upper (body upper part)
  • Lower (body lower part)
  • Skirt (horrible skirt type that nobody use since a decade)

BoM makes possible to use system skins, tattoos, underwears, clothes, eyes and hairs in the same purpose, but not only.

First, BoM extends the primary channels with new ones, permitting to extend the system through the use of a new wearable (like skin or tattoo) named universal. See it as a wearable that can be a skin, a tatoo, eyes, or whatever you want. Indeed, the mesh maker does not have to use the channels as they were designed. For example as the skirt is not really used when having a mesh avatar, that can be used for something else, and that's what the Femme project will do.

Femme BoM channels

The 3 basic skin textures will be mapped as we are used to, to make a standard wearable skin:

  • Head - face
  • Upper - body upper part
  • Lower - body lower part

Eyes are made like original wearables

  • Eye - eyes

The hair channel will not be used for hair, because it's not necessary. Before we had mesh heads, we could have hairbase with a tattoo, and that will not change. So the hair BoM channel is available, and will be used for:

  • Hair - eye lashes

The wearable hairs should use a transparent texture, lettting the "hairdo" to a tattoo. To create eyelashes, create a universal wearable, using the Hair channel.

Femme project will support the new left limbs coming with BoM. That permits to use a diffferent texture for left arm and left leg, which is neat for tattoos. The only problem is that the historic wearable tattoo does not include them, so you need to create a universal to make a tattoo with a different left arm or leg, and of course the skin under must follow the same line.

so Femme has a setting for BoM, to set the left arm and leg to the corresponding BoM channels, or to use the historic ones. The historic is what is called BoM and is compatible with all OpenSim releases running today (0.8.2 and 0.9.x). The usage of the extension is named BoM+ and only available on OpenSim 0.9.1 and more. Your viewer will tell you if you try to teleport to an incomptabible region.

  • Left Arm - left arm (if BoM+ is enabled in the body)
  • Left Leg - left leg (if BoM+ is enabled in the body)

The body needs textures for nails (one for hands, one for feet), and so will use the first 2 extra channel introducted by BoM (there are 3 in total, named Aux1, Aux2 and Aux3 respectively):

  • Aux1 - hand nails
  • Aux2 - feet nails

As the Femme project is targeting quality and details, it has special high definition textures for nipples and external pussy lips, and that's where the skirt channel is used :

  • Aux3 - HD nipples
  • Skirt - HD pussy


All this is not done, but I thought important to tell how BoM will be used in Femme project, so that most of it can be matched with Athena, having a concensus between bodies, unlike SL.

If you want further information about BoM, you can read this nice article on a famous SL blog.

BoMingly yours,

Cheyanne Sinatra 4 yrs

Thank You as i had no clue how to use BOM and if my skin and tattoos were compatible or how to make BOM skins or clothing layers

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our the beauty of each person is getting more and more improved thanks friend

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Thank you!