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Question: Has anyone managed the fix the annoying rotation issue on 'wear' props? (i.e. OS not sending the rotation to the item): https://github.com/AVsitter/AVsitter/issues/74
Tried both of the workarounds there, and nada; item won't take rotation values from either AVpos or the additional script. It's pretty annoying with furniture that has tons of props.

[AV]prop attachment orientation problem · Issue #74 · AVsitter/AVsitter · GitHub

I have having an issue with the latest OpenSim version. When using a prop with an animated pose, the prop attaches to the correct point but not in the saved rotated. When I attach this prop directly from my inventory, it attaches correct...


Sacrarium Grid On January 4, we will open full access to HG for New Year's party friends on other networks to visit us.

maybe but I wouldn't want to!
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Yaaay! Was great to have a couple of folks from Soziarum visting over! Gracias por la visita Manzur Max y @Nina (not sure if Amethyst?) 🤩

I love my country Belarus
My friends)) How did you celebrate the New Year? I came to visit my mother, and we happily walked around the city at night. It's a pity there was no snow. In Belarus on New Year's Eve it was +1 degrees Celsius

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We wish you and your loved ones a healthy, prosper and a happy 2024.

Thank you all for your creativity and support last 3 years.
Let's make it a great year.

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Happy new years all

Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!