Soziarium for Everyone!

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Over the past years, we have all become accustomed to using the Soziarium and enjoy it. For many of us this is a great opportunity to communicate with our friends from various virtual worlds.

Hypergrid today contains a large number of restrictions from all sides. The policy of many grids has changed and sometimes we can't visit some of them. But the Soziarium allows us to overcome all these limitations. In order to communicate with virtual friends, it is no longer necessary to be inworld. Sometimes real life makes people rarely visit the virtual world. This is normal for our life because the affairs of real life are much more important than the virtual world. Now we can to combine real and virtual life, to allow people feel "inworld" even when they are “afk”. Soziarium - a free social service for the residents of ALL VIRTUAL GRIDS. The Soziarium uses adaptive layout to work in any browser, on any platform, even in the browser of your viewer. You can use a huge number of functions and features. Create your own groups, form a community of followers of your grid, region or project.

  • Create blogs to discuss various interesting topics with the entire virtual community. Use the privacy settings to show users only what you want to show them.
  • Using emojis you can express your attitude to everything that happens, complement your message with your emotions in order to be more understandable to everyone.
  • Add new friends, join groups to keep abreast of all events of interest.
  • Do not be greedy! It is so nice to give and receive gifts, especially when it is absolutely free!
  • Create your own events, organize contests and participate in them, follow the events on the calendar and then you will not miss anything.
  • Your birthday is a great occasion to throw a party and call avatars from all grids.
  • Do you enjoy a fun party and want to tell your friends about it so that they join too? Or do you travel in real life and want to show your friends from virtual wonderful places from real life? Then upload your photos from your cellphone and screenshots, as well as videos from YouTube and other services.
  • Send private messages or use quick chat. Share files with your friends.
  • Have an open discussion for all users or just for your followers.
  • Create your own photo albums. Collect rating stars and likes.
  • Advertise your region or grid, show what you are capable of.
  • Use your Soziarium profile to supplement your grid profile.
  • Share your posts in Facebook, Twitter or Printerest.

And of course, now you can find out about the latest premium freebie stuff that you will not find anywhere else! The product system will help you organize your own store and attract new users. Each user now receives reward points for their activity. Write comments and posts, put likes and get bonus points! Use your points to raise your account prestige and get additional features. Soziarium is under constant development. Many new features and updates will be available very soon.


Let's do magic together!

If you are a grid owner and want to add more opportunities for communication, then you can add the functions of the Soziarium directly into your grid.


Find section “Url to search service” in your Robust.ini and uncomment “SearchURL”. It should look like this:


;Url to search service

SearchURL = "https://soziarium.su"


So, thats it. Now your users will can communicate with each other and users from other grids using the grid search function (top right search box by default in Firestorm). The main goal of this project is to allow all users of virtual worlds to feel "inworld", regardless of what reality they are at the moment. 

If you're interested, you can join too. It is possible that social networks based on virtual worlds will help complement the possibilities of virtual social interaction and expand the space for communication.

To be "in world" everywhere.