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I would like to leave that out, but ... "Description should be more that 32 characters"
Descriptions define words and that way constitute world and so create reality or "truth". Steven Hawking said: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the

I had many blogs in the past 20 years. Very different ones. One was a dream diary, one was a cartoon blog, one was a photo collection, in one I had poems even. I had a blog with self made shamanistic wisdom, just to fool people. And there was something on google+ about Hillie Dryssen and all that brainfucked SL people. All these blogs got deleted or sold. And that means, nothing is forever, everything is for the moment. Wrap the bridges for 5 days and call it an artwork, nail the salad leaves on the seiling and sell them for 10.000 bucks.

A wise old woman told me once: Stop fighting, we already won that war. Look around: Everyone is wearing Athena. Everyone is wearing mesh. Even the men.

(!) dramatic break

Even the men. Everyone is leaving SL and is coming here. With 'here' - I don't mean Sacrarium, I mean, they come to the free world. I got my own grid, many did. We can be proud of what we achieved and we can stop fighting. We can start blossoming and networking.

In otter words: Blogging is something for people half of my age, i will not run anotter odder otter blog, but its cool this feature is available. And it's great to see so many of you participating here, even some I'd never expected. Yeah, hello everybody. Hope you're all ready for a poem:

Once I had a blog. Then, I drank a grog. And some hog in my brain told me: log, don't sustain, maybe fokk, motherfokk, better run yay.



Otto vonOtter

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Lyudmila Pavlichenko 4 yrs

Otto i love brainfucked SL people please please please send them to me :))))))))))))) Hugs :-))))

Typhaine Artez 4 yrs

I am totally in phase with you. I often think of creating a blog for this or for that, because I have in my blood the desire to share what I know, explain things so that others can enjoy new things and new knowledge.

The issue of this is that once you start one online project, you are tightly bound to that project, and it's not so fun then. What I liked with this platform, that's what they call blog is just a way for any member to post longer articles in a centralized way, so people can share without the assle of maintaining a platform.

I'm sure others will follow, if some push in that way. This usually takes time, but time is not an issue, we are all out of time in our micro-world.