Sacrarium About Russia's Military Operation In Ukraine

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Dear friends! It will be a very complex text. This text will be written in pain. Unfortunately, today we have no reason to rejoice in connection with the latest tragic events in Ukraine.

White asked me to write a text that would reflect the position of the Sacrarium on the issue of events in Ukraine. I will try to do it from his words, well, I cannot refrain from my own opinion on this matter. I didn't sleep or eat for almost three days. Coffee and cigarettes is the only thing that keeps me vertical to the earth's surface. My problem is that people close to me live in Kyiv right now. Therefore, I apologize in advance for the not very correct text. Everything that is written here can seriously upset you. If you are impressionable, then it is better to refrain from reading.


Fear is what the people of the Sacrarium experience all over the world. We are sure that absolutely everyone will agree with us on this point. Before our eyes, in just 6 hours, the army of Ukraine ceased to exist as an organized force. In the 2022 Military Strength Ranking Ukraine took 22nd place. The terrible power of the Russian army fell upon command posts, airports and other military installations. Events happened so quickly that it seemed that we were all in some kind of nightmare. Watching this is scary, given that it is happening very close to Chisinau where I am now. According to some reports, this was only a preliminary strike in which only part of the Russian forces were involved. The only "good news" for us here is the fact that Ukraine is not a member of NATO and we can save our most fervent prayers for later. Fear is a main emotion for all of us now.



Our concern began already when NATO and the US refused to give security guarantees to Russia. The tension grew every day. In recent months, we have seen how panic is being whipped up in the media. Every day, President Biden and many senior European Union officials and leaders accused Russia of attacking Ukraine. Several deadlines were announced, but none of them were true. You should all understand that many Sacrarium members speak and read several languages (Russian, English, Kazakh). This means that we have been following the information on both sides of this conflict. It is sad that people all over the world are war addicted and do everything to not give the world a chance.





Today everyone is shouting "Stop war!", "Stop violence!”. If you do not know all the information from both sides, then it may seem that the war has been going on for only a couple of days. But this war in Ukraine has been going on since 2014. After the Maidan, two republics separated from Ukraine (Lugansk and Donetsk). Since then, there has been a war between Ukraine on the one side and the separatists on the other. The essence of this conflict is that the inhabitants of Donbass did not want to live under the rule of the new Ukrainian regime which came with Maidan. The reason was that the seceded regions were inhabited predominantly by Russians (the Eastern part of Ukraine), and the Maidan regime consisted of western Ukrainians. Since then, the war has been going on in Ukraine. The Ukrainian army is gradually seizing the territories of both republics, pushing them to the Russian border. In the Russian segment of the Internet, you can find a huge number of videos and photos of shelling of peaceful cities of the republics and the death of civilians. There is practically nothing of the kind in the English segment of the Internet. Russia has supported the regimes of Lugansk and Donetsk all these years. The United States and allies in Europe supported the Maidan regime. The US has invested $5 billion to carry out the revolution in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland: “We’ve invested over $5 billion to assist Ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic Ukraine”. The war lasted 8 years, a large number of military and civilians died. What we see now is a deafening end (we hope so) of this terrible bloodshed.


The Ukrainian regime hated the values of Russians (Russian language, love for Russia and Russian culture), and Russians hate the values of Western Ukrainians (UPA and Ukrainian nationalist ideology). UPA is Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army is accused by many of collaborating with the Nazis during World War II. They are accused of numerous atrocities and war crimes in the occupied territories and hatred towards Russians, Jews, Poles and Gypsies, and, of course, towards the communists. UPA worked for the Nazis and were engaged in punitive operations against the civilian population. For example, history ascribes to them the Volhynia massacre, when Ukrainian nationalists massacred all the inhabitants of the Volyn region, mostly Poles. The Poles have not forgotten this (or have they?). They killed civilians, staged terrorist attacks against the Red Army, raped and tortured. In any case, the actions of the UPA were condemned at the Nuremberg Trial. We offer you links to the English version of Wikipedia. We compared the Russian and English texts of these Wikipedia articles and found that they are two completely different texts. It makes sense to read both texts in order to get the right idea of what the UPA really are. Ukraine insists that the UPA did not cooperate with the Nazis, but fought with them. Today the heritage of the UPA is the main part of the national identity in Ukraine.



Sacrarium is an international project. Our users include Portuguese, Italians, Spaniards, Brazilians, Americans, Russians, French, Greeks and probably many others. As you may know, many people from the Sacrarium project core are mostly representatives of the peoples of Eastern Europe and the CIS. There are Russians, Kazakhs, Jews, Belarusians and Ukrainians among us. The situation in Ukraine for us is even more acute than for many others. Many of us have friends, acquaintances and even relatives living there. It's hard for us to talk about it. But today we are compelled to write this in response to a remark by Dorenа Verne. Dorena Verne wrote: “Since there are still no public statements from the Sacrarium on the situation in Ukraine, but it also runs under the su domain, I have now also blocked http://grid.sacrarium.su:8888.  Of course, in German, this text looks even more impressive for us. So, this is our statement. You want it and now you will get it.

  1. Most of those who write "Stop War in Ukraine" today learned about this country only a year ago. Most of you can't even find this country on the world map. You can't even draw the flag of this country correctly. You do not know Russian or Ukrainian in order to be able to read information on Russian and Ukrainian websites, communicate with Russians and Ukrainians. You don't know anything about our history. You have never been to Russia or Ukraine. You can't even tell a Russian from a Ukrainian. You will not be able to distinguish Ukrainian speech from Russian. We have been living in this tragedy for 8 long years. You woke up only 3 days ago. Just think about it. Don't try to teach us how to live. You think you know something about Ukraine or can judge about Russia, you are deeply mistaken. The truth is that because of your ignorance, you are blocked in a narrow information field. You can't even post an uncensored video on facebook. Facebook is your life. Most of what we can see and hear today you cant. You are not even allowed to listen to the full text of President Putin's statements. If you could, then many motives would become clear to you. All that is available to you in your news is just a collection of scattered quotes. We know this very well, as we follow the news of the Western media. You have all the tools to research information, but you don't have the will and freedom. Your opinion is extremely easy to manipulate. If you had the opportunity to look at everything that is happening from the other side, we assure you that you would not be so categorical about your position. Today, an understanding of some historical facts opens up for us. For example, when the Germans said that they had not heard anything about the mass extermination of Jews, it is likely that they were really telling the truth. In those days there was no internet. Nowadays, the Internet is there, but millions of Westerners are simply limited at the language level. We are sure that the time will come and you will also see what we have seen all these 8 years. And you will be shocked. The Sacrarium remained silent and experienced this for many years. We are strongly oppose demonstrative flash mobs and stupid hypocritical hashtags. In the virtual world there are many people with different worldviews. We respect this and do not seek to impose our own opinion, we do not want to argue about this.
  2. Does the Sacrarium support Ukraine? The Sacrarium supports the peaceful citizens of Ukraine and wishes that there were as few victims as possible. We want all this to end as soon as possible and peace for all. We believe that the US has been provoking Russia for too long, using Ukraine as a proxy. Well, congratulations, now the games are over and the blood of all the dead from both sides will be on the hands of NATO and US. Can you now understand our disdain for your hypocritical hashtags? The countries of the European Union in many ways contributed to throwing Ukraine and the Ukrainian people into the heat of war against one of the most powerful and dangerous opponents of the planet. Now you're waving flags and using stupid hashtags. All because the lives of Ukrainians, Russians, Chinese, Afghans, Arabs, Libyans and other peoples do not matter to you. Your armies of "defenders of democracy" are destroying entire countries and peoples. Where are your "Stop war!" for the people of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Yugoslavia and all the others? Right now Saudi Arabia is bombing the cities of Yemen and killing a huge number of civilians. Where is your reaction?
  3. Does the Sacrarium condemn Russia and Putin? No, we do not. We know that you all hate Putin. You always hated Russians. But you also hate Sacrarium. So, what? Besides, who are we to judge Putin and Russia? Putin does not need our approval. He is a seasoned politician and knows things we don't know about. At least after the Russian army cities remain intact, not ruins. Let history judge him and all of us.
  • Sacrarium refuses on principle to live according to your Nazi rules.
  • Sacrarium does not participate in your idiotic shows and performances.
  • Sacrarium expresses exclusively its own opinion and only when it considers it necessary.
  • Sacrarium declares its own slogan: "PEACE TO THE WORLD!"

We don't like getting into political arguments. Our business is a virtual world. We want only world peace to come. Let it happen as soon as possible and with the least possible damage. God bless us all.

Do you like Covid-19? I know, you like it. I think you will get a very fun time soon because your Ukranian friends have American biological weapon. Judging by the report of the Russian Ministry of Defense, things much more dangerous than covid were created in these laboratories. I'm not talking about 4 nuclear power plants, 2 of which are in the hands of the Azov battalion and the like. If you know how to pray, then pray to your gods.


Ponnka GreatSultan 2 yrs

Все верно. Чтобы постичь истину, на проблему нужно смотреть со всех ракурсов. Когда это закончиться, а это все закончиться, то у многих откроются глаза , и ВЫ все очень сильно огорчитесь, огорчитесь и на себя в первую очередь, осознав что были в каких то высказываниях не правы! Мир Дружба Жвачка!!!

Dorena_Verne 2 yrs

Whiteangel und ich haben uns ausgesprochen und die Streitigkeiten sind beigelegt. Auch können wir uns wieder gegenseitig besuchen. .-) Whiteangel and I have spoken out and the dispute is settled. We can also visit each other again. .-)
ich entschuldige mich bei allen, die ich beschimpft habe.
I apologize to everyone I insulted.

Mickie Bohannes 2 yrs

All People and Countrys what start a war with Weapons to humans are Loosers. I understand that russia have reasons but Russia can do without weapons und without WAR!

Kim Mathias 2 yrs

Eu quero paz no mundo, eu odeio guerras (ate mesmo as que existem aqui no virtual). Eu não julgo ninguém pela sua nacionalidade, e sim pelas suas atitudes. O fato de você não gostar de uma pessoa especifica não quer dizer que você não goste do povo do país de onde essa pessoa é. Eu não gosto do presidente do meu país, mas gosto do povo do meu país. Eu só sei que a vida é muito curta para se perder tempo com guerras.

Dorena_Verne 2 yrs

More Infos: https://www.gridtalk.de/showthread.php?tid=4233&pid=46398#pid46398

Dorena_Verne 2 yrs

But just to reiterate, Sacrarium's position on the Ukraine conflict was just the tip of the iceberg as to why I banned it. The main reason was their outrageous behavior in the Hypergid. All residents of them can go anywhere, to themselves by HG you can only for a monthly contribution in hard currency. In German: Aber nur um es nochmal festzuhalten, die Stellung vom Sacrarium zum Ukrainekonflikt war nur die Spitze des Eisberges, warum ich sie gesperrt habe. Hauptgrund war deren unverschämtes Verhalten im Hypergid. Alle Bewohner von denen können überall hin, zu ihnen selbst per HG kann man nur gegen monatlichen Beitrag in harter Währung.