Using content in OS.

Following the articles of Magnus Morgenstern and  Marianna Monentes, which I fully afree with, I felt to stand up and write about the use of content in OS these days.


Since my region Golden Age is up, I received some nasty critics, which I find not relative to the purpose I made with publishing my creativity there.

Therefore I feel the need to explain to these people, who i.m.o. don't understand the purpose of OS.

First of all, with creating my regions,  my purpose is having fun creating these "paintings" (which is how I call my regions these days), simply because that's my skill and I like to share that with other users.
I truely want people to enjoy OS and give them a tool by showing what you can do with the content is given around OS.

And you can call that arrogant, and bragging, but the people who know me, know I am also here to help and certainly not to brag about my work.
It always have been my intention to help making OS a peacefull and joyfull environment.
While making freebies in the past and nowadays showing my artistic regions to show people and to learn what you can do with the objects of OS, it seems I have to deal with the negativity flowing around.

However, these negative people, don't realise, they make drama in OS by judging the use of the content.
Content in OS can be discussed, but it is quite a waste of time i.m.o.

Go make some fun, or are you not able to?

Let's face it, it's is here to make use of it, and it makes many users very happy while building their own place with this content.
So  my suggestion is stop nagging, judging and accusing people and take a good look at your own behaviour.
Is this the person you want to be in OS?
Fine with me, but you might receive the boot.
I just don't want to be around those negative persons, who's only purpose is to damage people and don't have the view of seeing people are just enjoying OS at their own way.
It's that simple.
Open Sim started with an open mind, to let people enjoy their virtual experience and I am still with this.
If you can't live with this, go back to SL and make drama there.

So why then critisize and accusing other users of using content which they didn't make themselves?

For me personally, I think those people really have no clue what you can do with all the content which is available in OS and they probably feel frustrated.
Even if they could see how to use content, they know they have no talent to create.

And even, whether it is created by users, dragged out of SL, stolen, ripped or taken from free 3D sites, it is here to use.
It is here to stay, use it as you like , make your own life here more beautifull while using it and stop judging other users or grids.
We are all here to enjoy the stuff offered, and it brings us great happiness.
We all left SL, many felt we were ripped by Linden and still there are  people here stand up for the content created at SL.

Are they aware of this?

Let me refer to a great artist; Nikki de Saint Phalle, which might have inspired me to create the same way as she did in RL with objects.
A picture of her art is include here.
What you see in this creation, is that she collected objects and created Art with this,  and she got very famous for this. 
Did she made all these objects?


She used it for her own art, because she has an artistic view on things, and probably this idea popped up in her mind.

Did she got sued by using those objects? 


This is for me a very important view and it is how everyone could see OS! 
But unfortunately not everyone has an artistic mind to see it this way and some of them choose to make drama about it.

So why can't people just use the free content given inside or outside OS, to create beautifull environement?
I see so many people in grids who are very happy with this content and enjoying their time here.

Who are you to judge that and damage their happines?

12 years ago I entered OS, because I was tired of the tiers I payed and buying stuff in SL.

I heard about OS and the possibilities and it made me happy I could enter.
What I saw in the beginning, there was not much content. So the idea started to make content for OS and I still do.
Only I changed my mind over the years.

In the past I created a lot of freebie fashions for OS, editted in Gimp with textures googled and added to  prims and sculpted textures.

I experienced, that many users made use of this, but also took my freebies and ripped them all apart, to created their own fashions.
I was flabbergasted at first, but later on I thought, who am I to judge this? 
It appareantly make these people happy, so let them have that fun.
It doesn't make you a nice person to always nagging and complaining about it.

When mesh entered OS, my view changed.
Since I am a editor, but not a creator of mesh, I used it for my own content.
Which means I use free mesh from the internet, import it into Blender or 3D Max, re-edit and convert it to mesh for OS and then import it inside OS.

So everyone can use it for free. Almost all the items are full perms to use.
And yes, I also use freebies made by others.
It became a nice hobby and no-one is going to disturb that. 

Open Sim is a tool for our hobby, to  use it how we like to use it, because the possibilities are various and free.
That's where we are here and not in SL, aint we?
Then use it as you like, and stop making drama about it.

Avia Bonne

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Avia Bonne 48 w

Fully agree Magnus, but Karma has been after them and I fully understand why some gridowners decide to close their grids to avoid drama. We should dramatise the dramamakers lol

Magnus Morgenstern 48 w

A very honest and open view of the problem. Today we all feel this problem and many will agree with you. It has been proven many times that the copying problem is unfounded for many reasons. Copybot drama is now being used as a tool to destroy successful projects. This is done by people who have not been successful themselves. They are pulling back the whole OS community. Look at the news feed in OSW and try to find at least one photo where there is no copybot. Take a look at Hypergrid Business articles. They constantly post screenshots from grids where everything is built from a copybot. Nobody puts on a drama about it. Of course, nobody is interested in making dramas about unknown grids. It is good that we now have a community that has decided to get rid of this degradation.

Avia Bonne 48 w

thanks Kas, It's good to know I got your support ;-)

Kashi Takeshi 48 w

Love the paintings you create. Keep on with making beautiful artwork :)