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Magnus recent blog post about Copybot Issues and Some Discussions was an excellent article.  I wanted to post a comment there but for some reason my browser is not posting so will write this blog post as a reply.

I enjoyed reading this blog post Magnus. All valid points. With the free resource sites both Opensim and SL creators obtain the content, both make it available and it appears as if the Opensim creator ripped it from SL when in actuality they both got the content from the same free resource site. Then who knows where the free resource site obtained the content from, it could be the original creator or it could be ripped. On and on it goes. The creators are responsible for copyrighting and following up if they want to protect their content. My content that I created has never been ripped. That tree my friend made was, and I followed up on it. Sacrarium honors take down requests, White assured me if he saw the content he would pull it. Sac has always honored the DMCA. It falls on the creator to protect their content, then and only then will the finger pointing stop. 

Some feel if the content stays in SL there would be no issue in Opensim, this is not true, the botting started in SL bringing the content to opensim to have better content and it became sport to the ripper, a thrill to them.

If content is viewed on a PC screen it can be botted, nothing is safe virtually.  That is why creators must protect their content, follow up if they see it out there.  The Creator.

The question too then becomes, how do we stop all the opensim police, all those people who feel the content was ripped and they have no idea really where it came from, to them it is sport to call out illegal content, but how do they know it is illegal?  This to me is as much of a crime as the stolen content, we are not here to police or judge anyone.  

Should there be an economy in Opensim, should people sell here? At one time yes we welcomed content in opensim and we were willing to pay for it, now, not so much. There is too much free content.  If you rely on sales as income it would be better to sell in SL. 


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Typhaine Artez 2 yrs

I would just add that I heard of copybotting way before OpenSim, it has always been a reality, and LL never tried to curb it. OpenSim preliminary users surely just did what was an usage in SL. I second what you both say about content origin and way to protect it. I personnally do not careat all about content origin, use it, modify it when I can, and share it if I can too. If I was a mesh creator, I would share all with all the community, as it's how I percieve a good virtual world. I think most users are the same. As a more personal note, Sacrarium seem to be in a whole in that spirit, and that's why I like it, why I feel home there, and why I stay loyal whatever people are saying about it. The strange thing about copybot drama, is that it's focused on famous alternate grids. Has OSGrid been banned from any other grid, knowing it's certainly the source of all copybotters, as it's the historical grid? All this is more a political action. But that's maybe a subject for another article :)

Magnus Morgenstern 2 yrs

It seems to me that it is impossible to avoid copybots in the current conditions. For fair trading, you need to have a centralized system that must be owned by a responsible legal entity and protected from copying. SL is a centralized system under the control of a responsible legal entity, but it is poorly protected from copying. The OS is not a centralized system, is not managed by a responsible legal entity, and is not copy-protected at all. It seems to me that the problem of protecting content in the SL and OS lies in the very principle of operation of these systems, which allow you to cache content and somehow retrieve it on the client side. In order to protect content, you need to completely change the way this system works. Here we will talk about changing the engine. Changing the engine is most likely impossible. Maybe I'm wrong. Therefore, I believe that any drama is meaningless here. The only thing every copybot fighter can do is not to use a copybot. Or buy the original from SL to support the creators. I just don't see other ways. Keep in mind that SL is an outdated technology. It is over 10 years old! At the same time, the project continues to live. Technologies become obsolete in 3 years and become irrelevant. The same can be said for OpenSim. In addition, SL allows third party viewers to be used, which leads to people creating various modifications. Remember that Linden Labs published the source code of their viewer themselves. Thanks to the source code of the viewer, an alternative OpenSim server and many types of viewers were created.

Magnus Morgenstern 2 yrs

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