How to Become Sacrarium Member

WhiteAngel asked me to write as clear text as possible to help people. So, I hope this article is helpful to anyone who want to register on the Sacrarium. Unlike most other grids, registration in the Sacrarium is limited. There are some features...

This short article is for those who want to register on the Sacrarium. Unlike most other grids, registration in the Sacrarium is closed. We are not interested in increasing the number of local users. Sacrarium works mainly for guests from other grids.

Pay particular attention to the Sacrarium policy change. Sacrarium is focused on working with hypergrid users (visitors). Therefore, registration in the Sacrarium will be limited. First of all, registration in the Sacrarium grid will be available only for the following user groups:

1) Staff and owners of regions;

2) Users whose reputation is known to our moderators;

3) Users by invitation or recommendation.

 We call this policy "golden account". Having an account with the Sacrarium means having privilege. Our users value their accounts very much, so no one breaks the rules of our project. We also value our users very much, because they are some of the best and most respected people in OpenSim. Some of them are talented developers, sponsors, friends of the project and land tenants.

If you are not one of them, then you will not be able to register on the Sacrarium. But you have a way: become our land tenant!



There are two simple steps:

1)Go to

Fill out the form: your region name, your avatar’s First and Last and then press “subscribe”!

2) After that go to

Create an account with exactly same avatar name and after that within 24 hours approval is pending you will receive an email notification!

If you have questions, you can write to admin on Soziarium or use contact form here:

You also can be interested some information about Sacrarium.



Welcome to Sacrarium grid!

Best regards,

Sacrarium team




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