August 10th - Happy Sacrarium Day!

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Today we sincerely congratulate you a Happy Sacrarium Day!

Dear friends!

Today we sincerely congratulate you a Happy Sacrarium Day!

Today the Sacrarium project is 3 years old! During this time, we have overcome many difficulties, contributing to the implementation of innovations in OpenSim. We always strive to provide users with the most interesting and amazing possibilities. Thanks to the efforts of our friendly community, thousands of users have received the really high-quality content they deserve. We are convinced that OpenSim should be free from commerce, censorship, restrictions, fear and aggression, so all this time we work only for you! Over the years, the Sacrarium has ceased to be just a grid, turning into a community of people who hate social and racial injustice, censorship and fight for the equality and brotherhood of all virtual people. Today Sacrarium is a symbol of protest against oppression and enslavement. If you share our beliefs, if you cannot be happy when people are suffering next to you, if you always try to share what you have with others, then the Sacrarium is something that lives in your heart. It doesn't matter which grid you are on. If you share goodness with others, if you always come to the aid of those in need, then you are a person of the Sacrarium and Sacrarium Day is your celebration too. On this day, we urge everyone to make donations for the benefit of those who need. For example, it can be a fund to help orphans, seriously ill people, homeless people, animal nurseries or funds to help nature. May this day always be full of mercy, love and solidarity. You can make the biggest gift to the Sacrarium if you call your parents that day and just tell them how much you love them! The real world is full of aggression and injustice. We live in virtual reality in order to create an ideal world of goodness and justice. If all OpenSim users make efforts to improve not only the virtual, but also the real world, then the real world will become a better place to live. The world of the future is Sacrarium, a world where everyone can count on mercy and support from a friendly community. Let's do our best to make the Sacrarium our common reality!

Happy Sacrarium Day for all of us!

Always yours, Sacrarium